Terms and Conditions


  • By using this website https://pn.org.mt (the “Website”) and any section herein you are bound by these terms and conditions including the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.
  • All the terms and conditions mentioned herein shall be collectively referred to as the “Terms”.
  • Make sure to read all the Terms before making use of the Website and any features or services mentioned herein.
  • This Website is run and operated by Partit Nazzjonalista (hereinafter referred to as “PN” or the “Party”), one of the main political parties in Malta.
  • Any data collected by the Website is stored by PN and managed according to the Privacy Policy.
  • If you fail to accept any of the Terms of the Website you are to stop making use of our Website and the services offered herein.
  • Reference in the Terms to “us”, “our”, or “we” are all references to PN with whom you shall be contracting.
  • Reference in the Terms to “you”, or “your” means the user who is using the Website and contracting with PN.

Updating the Terms

  • From time to time we reserve the right to update these Terms according to changes that might take place in the Website. You will be provided with the latest and most up-to-date Terms on the Website.
  • Upon changing the Terms, you will be notified of the changes made.
  • If you do not acknowledge and accept any of the updated Terms, you are asked to stop making use of the Website. By using the Website you automatically accept and become bound by these Terms.

The Services

  • The Website offers the following services (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”):
    1. Donation to the Party;
    2. Apply for a membership with the Party; or
    3. Query Portal – Contact us.
  • To use any of the Services you need to register an account. You shall use your email address and create a password. Upon registration you will receive an email to confirm your account, and once your account is verified you can log in and start using our services.
  • On the donation page, you have the option to donate “€5”, “€20”, “€50”, “€100”, “€500” or any other amount. You are to input your “Name”, “Surname”, “ID”, “Email” and “Phone”.
  • Any donation made must be made from your own funds and may not be passed from any third party.
  • The treasurer of the Party shall ensure that all the accounting requirements and control of donations are in line with applicable law.
  • We are prohibited from receiving any donation which:
    1. Is made in the expectation of and/or the return of some specific financial and political advantage;
    2. Is from a public corporation or any parastatal body, company, or entity in which the state has controlling interest;
    3. Is given anonymously;
    4. Is given in confidentiality, where the Party is bound to keep secret the identity of the person making the donation when the amount exceeds five thousand euro (€5000) from the same source during the same year;
    5. Is given by the same individual in the same year and exceeds twenty-five thousand (€25,000). This includes any company within the same group of companies ;
    6. Is a loan given out on more favourable terms than any normal commercial terms at the time when the loan was made, where the interest in respect of a period of twelve (12) months which would have been payable by the Party had the loan been taken on ordinary commercial terms would have exceeded the interest actually owed for the same period by the political party to the person making the loan by an amount in excess of twenty-five thousand euro (€25,000);
    7. Is made by a foundation, trust, or a body corporate where the ultimate beneficial owner is unknown and cannot be identified.
  • We are bound to make a donation report whenever the total sum donated is equal to or exceeds seven thousand euro (€7000) in the same calendar year.
  • To apply for a membership with the Party, you are to input your “Name”, “Surname”, “ID”, “Email” and “Phone”. New memberships are vetted by the Party to ensure that the prospective member’s beliefs are in line with the principals of PN as listed in its statute.
  • Upon purchasing a membership and following approval by the Executive committee of PN, you will receive the membership card which shall be delivered by a member of our committee or by post, within an average of thirty (30) days from purchasing the membership.
  • If you have any query, suggestions, or would like to talk about anything to help the Party, you may contact us in the contact us section by inputting You are to input your “Name”, “Surname”, “ID”, “Email” and “Phone” and the “message” you want to write.

Anti-Money Laundering Terms

  • We comply with all Anti-Money Laundering legislation applicable under Maltese and EU law.
  • We take all measures to ensure that our Website is in accordance with such legislation, and we further ensure that any funds received through the Website emanates through a legitimate source.
  • Any suspicious fund received by the Party will be duly investigated and reported to the relevant authorities as requested by law.

General Terms

  • Any person who is sixteen (16) years and over and who has the right to vote may use and register on the Website.
  • The Services may be used by any person who has a Maltese citizenship.
  • Any person who makes a donation on our Website shall not be entitled to any refund. Once you input the value of the donation and confirm the amount you want to donate you have accepted to make the donation and shall not be entitled to a refund.
  • Once a membership is purchased, the membership is valid for a term of one (1) year, (5) years or life depending on type of membership, and the membership may not be refunded nor in part or in whole after being purchased. Membership is valid up to the 31 December of the respective year.
  • You may have the right to cancel your membership by informing us about your wish to terminate. Once terminated the fee for the membership will not be refunded pro bono depending on the duration left until the lapse of the year, but will be entirely lost.
  • The membership may not be transferred, assigned or sold to any third party.


  • If you wish to file a query and or a complaint you can do so by submitting your complaint on the ‘Contact us’ section or by visiting our Head office at Dar Centrali, Triq Herbert Ganado Pieta, PTA 1450.

Use of Cookies

  • The Website uses cookies. Cookies are files which collect information from your device to identify when you visit the Website.
  • Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a site and allow a site to recognize your device. Cookies managed by the Party only are called “first party cookies” whereas cookies from third parties are called “third party cookies”.
  • There are different types of cookies, strictly necessary cookies are those cookies which are essential in order to enable you to navigate the site and use its features. Certain services will not be available without the use of cookies. On the other hand performance cookies are third-party cookies who collect data on our behalf, including which pages you visit the most. These cookies do not identify you as all the data collected is anonymised.


  • Any third party link available on our site is not controlled by us and thus we have no control over how such data is stored.
  • We are solely responsible for the data we collect and store ourselves.
  • Your rights under GDPR are the following:
    1. Right to be informed about the data we collect on you
    2. The right to access your personal date
    3. The right to be forgotten and ask us to remove the data we have about you
    4. The right to prevent us from seeing certain data
    5. The right to obtain a copy of your date
    6. The right to object to the use of your data
  • The data we collect is the data given by yourself when you use our Services and register on our Website.
  • We make sure that your data is stored in a secure way in compliance with all GDPR rules. When we no longer require your data we will dispose such data in a secure manner.
  • We only share your data when it is legally required including when asked by authorities or there is a legal obligation to do so. We will notify you of this when permitted by law.
  • You can control your data by restricting our use of your data. Contact us to learn more.